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Your Piece of the Sales Pie is Ready

Whether you’re conducting telesales, fax, email or a direct-mail campaign, Scott’s NETWORK™ of Custom Contact Lists On-Demand is your solution to targeting the right audience to improve lead generation, sales and profits.

What We Offer:


Why Scott’s Contact Lists On-Demand Will Help Your Business

  • Save Time: Stop wasting time with lists from unreliable sources or manually qualifying your leads. Scott’s allows you to narrow your target audience and specify your criteria before you reach out to a single contact.
  • Save Money: As an alternative to pre-packaged data, Scott’s gives you the ability to select the audience you’re most interested in reaching, improving lead generation and ROI.
  • Get Targeted: Scott’s allows you to become highly relevant to your market of choice, ensuring that you only reach individuals that will appreciate and respond to your area of expertise.

How Scott's Contact Lists Work

Unlike many list rental providers, we own and maintain our entire North American B2B relational database. We take great pride in ensuring the accuracy of our data records through a rigorous quality-assurance process to deliver you reliable and accurate contacts when and how you need them.

  • Email: Over a 90% Inbox deliverability rate
  • Mail: 95% or greater postage deliverability rate
  • Telephone: High contact rate that surpasses 92%
  • Fax: Successful transmission rate of 90% or better
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