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Maximize Your Database Potential for Improved ROI

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Smarter Decision-Making Begins with Data Quality

At Scott’s Directories, we offer several Data Hygiene and Enhancement services designed to improve your ability to identify and connect with your target audiences in more meaningful ways. Use one or more of our Data Services to build stronger customer loyalty, improve new customer acquisitions, and increase profits.

Your Data Is Our Business

Scott’s Directories is no stranger to developing, cleansing, enhancing and maintaining databases. It’s a core discipline of what we do as a database-marketing solutions provider. Here’s how…

  • Research TeamResearch Team

    We invest millions annually to ensure the accuracy of our records. Our full-time in-house bi-lingual researchers are fully committed to building, verifying, and updating our comprehensive business database to bring you peace of mind in knowing that you can market and sell with confidence.

    With a relational database of over 12 million North American business contacts, you can leverage our data for beneficial returns.

  • Data SourcesData Sources

    We gather data from hundreds of sources including:

    • Annex-Newcom L.P. (parent company) Subscriber Base; includes 60 audited publications
    • Opt-in Profile Submissions Direct from Business Listees
    • Telephone Directories
    • Annual Reports and Other Public Company Filing Information
    • RSS News Feeds, Email Alerts and Internet
    • Public Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government Records
  • Verification ProcessVerification Process

    We conduct tens of thousands of phone calls each year to validate the business information we collect. You can trust in Scott’s Directories to receive the same quality data processing techniques that render perfect and relevant data to drive your sales and marketing activities.

Savvy business professionals know that making informed decisions is important when your time, money and brand are on the line. That is why your company databases are key business assets worth maintaining and enhancing.

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