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Data Hygiene - Maintain Your Investment

It’s estimated that 37% of a typical average-sized business database deteriorates every year. Databases require regular maintenance in order to preserve the value of information they contain.

Let Scott’s Directories update and clean your customer or prospect files to improve targeting, save you time and money, protect your brand, and boost response rates using the following services...

  • Address ValidationAddress Validation

    Our address validation and correction service verifies whether addresses in your database records do in fact exist and corrects any inaccuracies present. We also standardize addresses in your database records to improve address matching. This service is designed to ensure you meet Canada Post’s address accuracy requirements, and that any communications you conduct with your audience via mail is deliverable to its intended location, helping you reduce postage and other associated mailing costs. We can also greatly enrich your data by providing important company details like NAICS Codes, Number of Employees, and GeoCodes as part of our Data Append services.

  • Name CleansingData Cleansing

    Let Scott’s parse name and address information in your input data into separate and standardized elements. We’ll even correct their nomenclature by using standardized versions of nicknames, business names, and proper abbreviations of address components as approved by the postal service of the designated country. Data cleansing doesn’t just save you the cost of misdirected mail. It ensures your message is delivered to its intended audience to improve response rates.

  • Data SuppressionData Suppression

    Save valuable marketing dollars on unresponsive customers and prospects. Let us suppress cold leads from your mailing lists so you can focus on audiences most likely to respond to your offers and areas of expertise. By suppressing cold leads, you will protect your brand from damage caused by sending direct mail or any correspondence that is unwanted or unnecessary at that time.

  • Merge PurgeMerge/Purge

    Have duplicates in your data files or would like to combine separate data files? Scott’s Directories is here to help. We’ll remove redundancies to make your list highly targeted so you achieve cost reductions on your campaigns and identify cross-selling opportunities. Our proprietary Merge/Purge software uses a fully customizable matching process that will logically detect and purge duplicate records, keeping your best records for improved campaign results.

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