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SmartLeads Analytics - Intelligence to Clone Your Top Customers

Understanding your customers helps you sell more. Scott’s SmartLeads™ Analytics is a smart, sophisticated and easy way to help your business learn more about your best customers and generate the right leads to grow your customer base and revenue. This new and advanced data enhancement and marketing solution is comprised of a four (4)-stage process.

Simply provide us your current customer list and we will:

  • Match Your DataMatch Your Data

    We’ll scrub and match your list against our vast and comprehensive relational business database. Using cutting-edge technology that bolsters analytical proficiencies and matching logics, we’ll identify people and businesses who are common to both files. When matches are found, we temporarily append additional customer information from our comprehensive business database to the corresponding records in your files to provide a basis for building an intelligent data model.

    Depending on the accuracy and completeness of your data files, the following additional step(s) may be required to boost the quality of your list in order to provide the solid foundation needed to execute data matching and modeling.

  • Evaluate Your DataEvaluate Your Data

    Our Data Experts will build a comprehensive data model that provides the basis for supplying you with a Customer Analysis Report, which includes:

    • Customer Match Rates – by company, individual, geographic breakdown, as well as the deficiencies in your customer files that can be optimized at your discretion
    • Customer Analytics – get a clear picture on your top customer segments by industry, size, sales volume, and other specific data elements of greatest importance or relevance to your business
    • Available Customer Data Appends – receive counts on potential data enhancements pertinent to increasing the effectiveness and success of your target marketing efforts
  • Augment Your DataAugment Your Data

    Through analysis and your input, we’ll optimize your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) potential by appending required data back to your own customer list. Such data fields may include:

    • Phone Numbers
    • Job Titles
    • Corrected Addresses
    • Industry Codes
    • Employee Size
    • Fax Numbers
    • Annual Sales Volume
    • Geo Codes
    • And more
  • Target Data on New ProspectsTarget Data on New Prospects

    Using our intelligent data model, we’ll assign weight to each of the most significant characteristics of your top customers. We’ll run these characteristics against our vast relational database and score matches to provide you additional counts on prospective leads available to you for purchase. These prospective leads are identified as matches to your ideal customer profile to ensure you receive highly targeted leads (SmartLeads™) that optimize new customer acquisition rates. Scott’s SmartLeads™ are provided to you in electronic format for easy import to your CRM or other database platform to integrate into your sales and marketing efforts.

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