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Measure Your Results

Know if your campaign delivered effective results. You'll receive critical intelligence on the key success factors for your email campaign, so you can determine what to do next.

Our post-campaign reports will tell the whole story on how your campaign connected with its recipients, using easy-to-read dashboards and spreadsheets.

Your post-campaign report will include key performance metrics such as:

  • Delivery Rate
  • Bounced Rate
  • Open Rate – All versus Unique HTML opens
  • Click-Throughs – All versus Unique Clickers
  • Click to Open Rate
  • Unique HTML Clicks via link tags
  • Unique Text Clicks via link tags
  • Unsubscribe Rate
  • Referral Rate
  • Web-based Email Client Breakdown
  • Geographic Breakdown
  • And more

Our post-campaign reports will give you insight on how to proceed with your next campaign. We’ll also include contacts information or the qualified leads who expressed interest in your email (for an additional price), conversion rates within a given target audience, and results of your split testing.

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