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Send Your Message

Scott’s serves as an extension of your marketing department; saving you time and resources. Whether you use Scott’s Email Design services or submit your own creative, we will:

  • Upload all subscribers’ email addresses – Scott’s email selects, your subscriber files, or hybrid list
  • Import creative content
  • Personalize the “From address” and the "Subject line"
  • Merge fields for personalization of the campaign, based on your chosen field selects
  • Test the email layout and design to ensure proper rendering across top email platforms
  • Assess email message for unneccessary SPAM triggers
  • Deploy your approved mailing

Before your campaign is deployed, we will send you a test mailing for review. After you have approved the mailing, our Email Campaign Specialists will schedule your campaign for optimum broadcasting times that maximize open rates. All mailings sent are tracked and provided to you in an informative post-campaign report, which offers easy-to-read metrics and statistics so you can key in on the success of your campaign and how your audience responded.

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