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About Us

Our Profile

Scott’s Directories is a leading provider of high-value business data and innovative lead generating solutions for the North American B2B community. Since our launch in 1957, Scott’s has continually enabled organizations of all sizes – from local business to Fortune 100 companies – to affordably find, reach and effectively engage their most valuable audiences, fostering meaningful relationships that grow their business and revenue stream.

With cutting-edge technology, superior data research techniques and analytical methodologies, Scott’s Directories delivers the complete spectrum of value-added business data and direct as well as digital marketing solutions that mitigate risk and improve profitability.

Our Mission

Scott’s Directories is a database-marketing solutions provider focused on the provision of pertinent business data and innovative marketing solutions essential for businesses to make informed decisions, build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow market share.

We’re focused on expanding our core offerings to enable businesses of all sizes to:

  • Acquire difficult B2B contacts by providing high-quality, value-added data that covers a broad spectrum of industries and job functions across North America.
  • Maximize their database potential with our thorough data hygiene and enhancement services.
  • Foster meaningful relationships and grow their customer base by providing innovative and targeted marketing solutions via direct and digital multi-channel media.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be widely recognized as the leading provider of high-value business data and leading-edge multi-channel digital and offline targeted marketing solutions that enable our clients to improve customer loyalty, optimize new customer acquisition, and grow their profits.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Scott’s Directories, we take pride in providing our customers the best-in-class data and cutting-edge marketing solutions we possibly can.

  • Data ProcessingData Processing

    We invest millions annually to enhance and maintain the integrity of our comprehensive North American business contact database. Our seasoned bi-lingual in-house research team ensures the contact and business information you buy is up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive to mitigate risks and boost results. Our data exceeds Canada Post’s stringent requirements, offering a deliverability rate of 97% or higher, and our emails consistently boast a deliverability rate in excess of 90%.

  • InnovationInnovation

    Commitment to innovation is a core value Scott’s Directories strives to uphold through all facets and departments of our business, including:

    • Our Technology & Programming Team uses sophisticated technology to develop the best software interfaces for our secure membership sites, resulting in the most intuitive, efficient and user centric experience possible. We proudly maintain a 99.99% uptime track record with countless clients considering our Online service to be mission-critical in their daily routine.
    • Our Editorial & Data Processing Team employs advanced data warehousing techniques and methodologies to produce high-value data that provides insight and intelligence on your target audiences for improved decision-making, and to market and sell more effectively.
    • Our Product Development Team brings creativity, ingenuity and extensive expertise to the table, offering you the best products and services to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.

Our History

Over 55 years ago, David Scott, a University of Toronto law student, recognized that successful organizations require accurate information to understand their market, reach potential clients, and to stay ahead of the competition. With very little information available in the market to purchase, Mr. Scott and his wife researched, compiled and published the first Scott’s Directory in 1957 – and a Canadian success story was born.

Today, Scott’s Directories – a Division of Annex-Newcom L.P. - has grown its data pool to include more than:

Equally important, Scott’s Directories offers a full spectrum of database-marketing solutions that include:

  • In-Depth Business Profiles – Sales leads with full contact information and a vast array of important demographics that help you market and sell more effectively.
  • Email Marketing Service – A full turn-key service that will set up your personalized email campaign from start to finish to successfully target and engage key decision-makers and optimize the conversion.
  • Custom Contact Lists On-Demand – Effective and efficient solutions to finding your most valuable audience for your next telesales, fax, email, or direct mail campaign. This is the perfect boost for your CRM-based prospecting.
  • Data Services – Data hygiene and enhancement services to maximize your database potential and fuel sales and marketing efforts.
  • Video Service – Effective and affordable HD video production services to enhance your brand, message and online traffic across the web, mobile and social media channels.
  • Integrated Marketing Solutions – Fully scalable direct and digital marketing solutions that build brand awareness, promote your industry expertise and grow your market share.

Scott’s Directories is a leading Integrated Database Marketing Specialist, and will prove to be a valuable partner in your success.

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