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Commonly Asked Questions Pertaining to Scott’s Directories

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Data / Information

How does Scott’s Directories gather information listed in their directory products?

Scott’s listings originate from our main database, supported by our full-time editorial team that speaks directly to companies and professionals in all major industries across Canada. To ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of our data, we verify information with our various affiliations and alliances, including industry related associations and government agencies.

If you have any Editorial inquiries, please contact:

How do I know that Scott’s Directories data is reliable?

We invest millions per year to maintain the integrity of our Scott’s database.

Our data is exclusively compiled and 100% verified by an experienced in-house bilingual editorial team. Our editorial team is committed to building the Scott’s database by directly contacting every business and professional published from our databank and completing a full data verification cycle every 12 months.

The results are an impressive high contact rate and address accuracy of more than 97%, which exceeds Canada Post’s requirements. We are also proud that our data possesses a telephone contact rate that exceeds 92%, an email inbox deliverability rate of more that 90%, and more.

How can I get myself – and/or my organization – listed for Free in Scott’s Directories?

You can list yourself or organization with Scott’s Directories free of charge.

Simply complete our Scott’s Free Listing Form.

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Why be listed with Scott’s Directories?

We fully believe a listing in Scott’s can be a great opportunity for you or your business. We’ve heard countless testimonials and stories through the years about companies and/or individuals being FOUND in Scott’s – and being contacted to participate in something beneficial to both parties – that’s what “commerce” is all about.

Whether you’re representing a large manufacturing company or a small public school, or whether you’re an individual doctor, dentist or pharmacist, your free listing in the appropriate Scott’s Directories helps provide reliable exposure for you in this ever-changing fast-paced business world.

The opportunity to list yourself amongst your peers by a respected publisher like Scott’s Directories improves your chance to be reached by important contacts – contacts and new business alliances you may only meet by way of your listing with Scott’s Directories.

Like many before you, a Free listing with Scott’s could be the start of something very good.

How can I update my existing listing with Scott's?

Please contact our Editorial Department:

Scott’s Directories data is verified directly with YOU - - so you help maintain it’s complete accuracy and can make changes to it anytime throughout the year. There’s never any charge for maintaining your listing with Scott’s Directories.

Why is it important to update my listing with Scott’s?

There are many positive, pro-active reasons to maintain an accurate listing with Scott’s Directories:

  • Medical Personnel (Physician, Surgeon, Dentist, Pharmacist):
    • Referrals from various sources, including hospital admissions staff and other doctors.
    • Product information from the leading suppliers in various medical markets.
    • Offers from qualified insurance providers, accountants, legal experts, and more.
    • Invitations to participate in research endeavors and clinical studies.
    • Timely information from continuing education, publishers of medical journals, etc.
    • Employment opportunities from various sources, placement firms, communities, etc.
    • Listed amongst peers, handy for contact when sought by fellow academia.
    • And more.
  • Industrial / Corporate / Education:
    • Industrial and Commercial contracts, requests for quotes, invitations to submit tenders.
    • Employment opportunities from placement firms, companies seeking to contact qualified individuals to fill available positions.
    • Free exposure, easy-to-handle editorial process with annual contact for updates.
    • Job seekers (including recent grads) contacting companies to introduce themselves.
    • Trade show invitations, association newsletters, and other industry-specific opportunities.
    • Timely information from continuing education, publishers of trade journals, etc.
    • Offers from distributors and suppliers qualified for your specific industry.
    • And more.

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