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Commonly Asked Questions Pertaining to Scott’s Directories

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Products & Services

What information products does Scott’s Directories offer?

Scott’s Directories is renowned for gathering, verifying, and packaging contact and profile information on North American organizations and individuals in the following sectors:

  • Corporate & Industrial
  • Service
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Educational

Scott’s information products contain vital firmographic data to help facilitate successful business connections and provide insight to help you market and sell more effectively.

See the many Scott’s Directories products available.

See Scott’s NETWORK™ of Custom Contact Lists On-Demand.

What information services does Scott’s Directories offer?

Scott’s Directories offers initiatives designed to help you reach and engage your target audiences to foster new customer acquisition, increase loyalty, and grow your profits. These services include:

  • Advertising – Limited availability in Scott’s print directories provide for higher visibility and premium placement. We offer two (2) ad sizes – full-page or double-page spread – both in 4-colour process. Online advertising is also available for our Scott’s membership sites, suitable for Flash, Podcast or Webcast files.
  • Data Services – We’ll help improve the depth, accuracy and clarity of your contact database. We offer data cleansing, data appends, reverse data appends, database management, custom research and market intelligence reporting services.
  • Email Marketing – We’ll help you target, design, deploy and track your campaign. We are SPAM compliant, provide detailed post-campaign reporting, and supply CRM compatible leads on recipients that responded to your email campaign.
  • Fax Broadcasting – We offer flat rates, personalized faxes, post-campaign reporting, and adhere to CRTC guidelines.
  • Video Service – We’ll create effective videos for web, mobile and social media. Offering a variety of video lengths and styles to choose from, we’ll handle all aspects of production from ideation to finished product.
  • Medical Careers Site – This free online portal is dedicated to helping healthcare employers connect with qualified healthcare professionals seeking employment. You can post, edit, and remove ads quickly and easily, manage your account, receive applicant information and attachments directly 24/7.

Put Scott’s to work for your next marketing campaign. Get your message out to a qualified audience in any of the vertical markets we cover.

Read more about Scott’s Directories services available.

What formats are Scott’s Directories products available in?

Scott’s is committed to delivering top quality business information through flexible and innovative media channels to satisfy our customers diversified business requirements.

Our current formats available are:

  • Print – Ready to be pulled off the shelf, our print directories are clearly laid out and fully indexed for a convenient and easy read.
  • Online – Available anytime and anywhere, our online format is a 12-month membership subscription that can be renewed for one-year terms. Packed with features, our online format offers monthly editorial updates to provide you the most current and accurate data available.
  • List Rental – Whether you’re conducting telesales, fax, email or a direct-mail campaign, Scott’s NETWORK™ of Custom Contact Lists On-Demand are provided as multi-fielded flat files for one-time use. Multiple usage of a list is available for a licensing fee.
  • CRM-Ready Leads – Available in three (3) options to choose from, you can build to own targeted leads on your vertical market sector of choice. All leads are provided in a CRM compatible file format.

What about customer support after I buy?

You can contact us anytime for help and technical support. Here’s how:

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Our no-charge Technical Support department is available to answer any questions or solve any problem relating to the Scott’s product you own.
  • EDITORIAL SUPPORT – Our Editorial department is available to answer any questions related to content data in your Scott’s products or to add, update or remove your FREE Scott’s listing.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our Customer Service department is available to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your Scott’s account, invoice, or pre-publication orders.

Who Buys Scott’s Directories?

Scott’s Directories helps facilitate difficult business connections, as well as provide a variety of innovative marketing solutions to help our customers reach and engage their target audiences for improved customer retention, new customer acquisition, and profits.

Due to our vast array of databases and vertical markets covered, it is difficult to describe the “typical” Scott’s customer. For example, consider the following two (2) databases and their diverse customer segments:

  • Canadian Medical Directory – For over half a century, this database is used regularly by hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, insurance firms, law firms, research firms and more.
  • Ontario Manufacturers – A cornerstone to Scott’s success story, this database is widely used by industries to source suppliers, as well as potential clients and customers. Considered the best source of its kind by hundreds of vertical markets, including academia, commerce, finance, industry, and economic development and planning – many different types of people and many different purposes.

For our Scott’s products, there’s a dedicated clientele of Print and Online customers who know they can rely on Scott’s information to help them do their jobs quicker, easier and more effectively. It’s our commitment to quality that makes Scott’s Directories a trusted and recognized brand in Canada.

Can I buy advertising in Scott’s Directories?

Yes, you can take advantage of paid advertising in Scott’s directories. Your ad will receive year-round exposure to the qualified audiences that regularly rely on our information products.

Place your ad with confidence that it will be repeatedly seen in all the following mediums offered:

  • Scott’s Print Directories
    • Sizes: Full-Page or Double-Page Spread
    • Colour: 4-Colour Process
    • Note: Attain premium exposure with our limited pagination. Preferred placement is still available.
    • Libraries stock these publications for multiple annual users.
  • Scott’s Online Directories
    • Sizes: Button Ad
    • Colour: RGB
    • Note: Be on the home Page of any of our vertical industry membership sites. Receive exposure to every one of our online membership subscribers.
    • Sizes: Transitional Ad, Leaderboard Ad, Skyscraper Ad, BIG Box Ad, Button Ad or Keyword Banner Ad
    • Colour: RGB
    • Note: Be among the many advertisers now utilizing eSource Canada. Acquire online ads, purchase keywords, and much more.

For more information on advertising, media channels and rates, please email us at

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