Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions Pertaining to Scott’s Directories

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Technical Support

Why am I getting a “Search Status: Application Error…” page?

This page means that we are experiencing technical problems on the requested page due to session variable transfers.

If this problem continually persists, please contact our Technical Support Hotline.

Why am I getting a “No such page available….” page?

This page rarely occurs, but sometimes some problems do come up and whenever our servers cannot interpret your online request, but “No such page available” will be displayed.

If this particular problem is continuously showing, please contact our Technical Support Hotline.

Why am I getting an “Online Status: Time Out” page?

Our new and improved search engine keeps track of periods of inactivity. If you leave your computer for a long period of time while using our online membership websites, this page will display and you will be asked to close your Internet browser and login again.

When you don’t log out properly, this same page will be displayed and you will not be allowed to login again until your User Account rights are re-instated by your Online Account Administrator. Call and ask your Online Account Administrator to unlock your account.

This is a security feature to ensure confidentiality and protect Contact Information.

What do I do if I get an “Online Status: Time Out” page?

Call and ask your Online Account Administrator to unlock your account. Your Online Account Administrator would be the Scott’s Account Manager who you dealt with when you purchased your Scott’s product.

View a contact list of our Scott’s Account Managers.

Why am I getting a “Search Status: Access Violation…” page?

This page will display when you are trying to access pages of this website for which you do not have proper authorization rights.

What does encryption mean?

Encryption is a way of covering important information with a code before it is sent over the Internet so that other machines and people cannot read it. Your encrypted information will be uncovered or decoded on our protected server once it reaches us.

Our Authentication and Authorization process uses encryption to make sure that no illegal person or group will see your information. Information from your computer is encrypted before being sent. This changes your information into a format that can be safely sent to us over the Internet. Once the information is encrypted, it cannot be read until it reaches its destination and is decoded using an encryption key.

What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a secure way to transmit information from your computer to our Web server. SSL uses encryption, which helps make information sent through the Internet more secure. 128-bit SSL encryption is often used for Internet services for which security information is important.

What is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) over Secure Socket Layer (SSL)?

HTTPS is a Web protocol built into browsers. It encrypts and decrypts user page requests. It also encrypts and decrypts information that is returned by Web servers.

We use this especially when you are in the process of ordering products (Shopping Cart) from our main website (

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