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The Solution to Finding the Perfect Customers for Your Business

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Available Formats & Versions

Whether you are selling locally or nationally, Scott’s has you covered. Our In-Depth Directories are an invaluable source of information to fulfill your marketing, sales, or research needs.

  • Print DirectoriesPrint Directories – Publications that Matter

    Conveniently indexed, our Print directories offer easy access to the many thousands of organizations and professionals listed within. They are designed for anyone wanting to source information quickly with an off-the-shelf approach and minimum page flipping.

    Scott’s Print directories provide clearly laid out information at your fingertips. Each business or professional is listed:

    • Alphabetically by Business / Professional Legal Name
    • Geographically by Province and City
    • NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System). Scott’s Corporate products only.
  • Online DirectoriesOnline Directories – Membership has its Advantages

    Scott’s Directories offers an exclusive suite of online directory membership sites that help you market and sell more effectively. Updated monthly, our Online directories deliver the power of 100% verified in-depth data with an array of tools to help you segment your audience for maximum relevance, reduce your prospecting time and speed up your sales cycle.

    Whether you’re in marketing, sales or looking to conduct research, Scott’s Online will help you achieve your goals.

    • For Marketers


      Achieve unparalleled insight and flexibility.

      • Discover prospects eager for your products using our precision-focused Search Tool – up to 49 search fields to narrow down the audience most relevant to your business.
      • Find more leads that replicate your top customers by using our advanced Search Tool to zero in on prospects that match your best customers' common characteristics.
      • Market more effectively by learning more about your customers and pre-qualifying prospects with our In-Depth Profiles, which offers rich insight into every contact so you can deliver compelling messages to the right audience.
      • Successfully connect with your audience and create meaningful dialogue using Mail, Fax, Email, or Phone to move qualified leads and prospects towards a sale.
      • Build targeted direct mail lists to expand into new markets by easily printing mailing labels or download your targeted leads in CSV file format to efficiently and effectively conduct telemarketing, fax or email broadcasting campaigns.
      • Provide your sales team CRM-Ready Hot Leads faster with our Data Download feature. Easily download your pre-qualified leads and feed them directly into your business’ sales funnel.
    • For Marketers

      FOR SALES:

      Shorten prospecting time and increase your closing rate.

      • Find companies and professionals faster with our comprehensive contact databases searchable by name, location, industry, job function, and a variety of other key criteria to pinpoint new sales opportunities relevant to your business.
      • Turn cold calls into warm calls by profiling leads with maximum relevance to your business. Our detailed business profiles provide you the intelligence you need to demonstrate knowledge, establish credibility, and position your brand as a must-have to prospective clients.
      • Better plan your sales meetings and improve your time out on the road by mapping out the precise location of businesses by postal address or geographic coordinates.
      • Uncover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with current customers by exposing corporate relationships with Scott’s Head-Office Indicator.
      • Keep track of your prospects and customers using our User-Added Notes feature to effectively log important information, or to create your own search fields to improve your data segmentation capabilities.
      • Fill in the information gaps in your CRM by downloading important contact information on leads most valuable to your business for future nurturing.
    • For Marketers


      Gain the intelligence needed to make informed decisions.

      • Profile your top markets using Scott’s advanced Search Tool to divide your best customers into sub-groups using demographic, firmographic and/or geographic differentiators to uncover new cross or up-sell opportunities and markets for growth.
      • Generate actionable reporting by entering key performance indicators with the User-Added Notes feature, which enables you to enter pertinent information like lead scores, order info, etc. to keep track of prospects and clients, and how your marketing campaigns and sales programs are faring.
      • Perform quantitative research by collecting demographic, geographic and firmographic information currently available on your audiences. Also, use it to construct and disseminate surveys using our accurate and current contact channels to improve the number and accuracy of your respondents.
      • Conduct information due diligence by using Scott’s In-Depth Profiles to confirm information on new accounts, learn more about your customers, or pre-qualify new markets for growth.
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