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Forge Connections, Build Relationships & Solidify Customer Lifetime Value

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Achieve Maximum Impact with Scott’s C.E.O.

At Scott’s Directories, we are serious about Integrated Marketing. Small or large, we take the C.E.O. approach to any integrated marketing program we provide. What does C.E.O. mean? No…not Chief Executive Officer. However, once you adopt the C.E.O. approach, you'll feel like an entrepreneur, out-of-the-box thinker, the top gun…the one everyone looks up to for answers and that can get the job done.

C.E.O. represents the three (3) most important steps in any single or multi-marketing program you push out to target audiences.

  • Customize Your Contact DatabasesCustomize Your Contact Databases

    Whether you are prospecting for new business, nurturing inbound leads, or up-selling existing customers, the quality of your contact database is paramount. Finding new contacts or cleaning and enhancing your current prospect or customer files is the first step to laying the foundation for your integrated marketing strategy.

    Scott’s Directories offers a vast array of contact data solutions that will improve your customer knowledge, expand your market reach, and help you segment your audience for maximum relevance and return.

    Learn more about Customizing Your Contact Data…

  • Engage Your Target AudiencesEngage Your Target Audiences

    With high quality contact data at your disposal, you’re able to achieve the insight needed to craft the right message and choose the right communication channel to connect and engage with your audiences. This step is crucial to your leads lifecycle. If done correctly with the right frequency and touch-points, you will drive sales in the short-term and create loyal customers and brand advocates over time.

    At Scott’s, we provide an extensive suite of print and digital media options to reach out and engage your target audiences in on-going dialogue that will drive conversion and customer lifetime value.

    Learn more how to engage your target audience…

  • Optimize Business ResultsOptimize Business Results

    The success of any integrated marketing strategy is to analyze, improve, and repeat your efforts to ensure you get the most from your marketing dollars. Although your main goal is to move leads through the sales funnel and towards a purchase, once you have obtained that goal there is still work to be done. Leads and customers need to be nurtured further in order to develop loyalty and brand advocates, which produces to more business.

    Scott’s not only helps you engage and convert customers, we continue to partner with you to analyze your marketing performance and optimize your efforts so that you continue to generate revenue and grow your business.

    Learn more how to optimize your results…

Why choose Scott’s Directories?

At Scott’s Directories, we make it easy and affordable for businesses of any size to build an effective integrated marketing plan that creates a consistent message with a wider reach and stronger impact. By aligning with our parent company Annex-Newcom L.P. and the 50+ trade magazines they publish, we can create a truly customized, highly targeted and impactful advertising and communications program designed to meet your goals. We are your go-to integrated marketing specialists – here to help you forge connections, build relationships and solidify your customer lifetime value.

With Scott’s Directories, you’ll achieve your integrated marketing communication objectives in a way that resonates with your audience to improve customer retention, optimize new customer acquisition, and raise profits.

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