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Customize Your Contact Database – Data is Power

If you are seeking a new prospect list or wanting to improve the targeting of an existing marketing database, Scott’s Directories has the solution for your needs.

Scott’s Directories can easily create and maintain, and even deepen your contact database for maximum potential, while saving you precious time and money. Let Scott’s Directories:

  • Clean Your Database FilesCLEAN YOUR DATABASE FILES

    All good B2B contact databases will decay over time. The inaccuracies, incompleteness, and even duplicate records inherited with time will destroy your conversion rates, harm your brand’s reputation, deliver inefficiencies in sales follow-up, and hinder your lead scoring. Scott’s offers the following data cleansing solutions to ensure the integrity of your contact database:

    • Address ValidationAddress Validation

      • Evaluate, correct and standardize address information of your contact database records as per Canada Post standards
      • Enrich your database by providing more address details than originally contained in your data records
      • Improve deliverability, reduce waste, and immediately boost ROI
    • Data CleansingData Cleansing

      • Correct names by using standardized versions of nicknames
      • Revise misspelled or unparsed business names
      • Implement proper abbreviations of address components
      • Reduce cost of misdirected mail, improve deliverability, and increase response rates
    • Data SuppressionData Suppression

      • Remove incorrect or outdated addresses
      • Suppress unresponsive contacts from your database
      • Eliminate unwanted records by geography, job titles/function, etc.
      • Improve targeting and boost win rates
    • Merge PurgeMerge/Purge

      • Remove duplicate company and contact records in your database
      • Purge out incomplete contact or company records in your files
      • Merge multiple data files or lists together and purge out surplus contact records per company
      • Minimize postal cost, improve creative direction and ROI

  • Enhance Your Database RecordsENHANCE YOUR DATABASE RECORDS

    Deepening your contact database provides you insight and the ability to perform more advanced group segmentation. It also enables you to fine-tune your marketing communication strategy, in terms of messaging, media channels and touch-points, in order to produce maximum impact and results.

    Scott’s offers the following data appending services to assist you in transforming basic lists into actionable leads, and improve the segmentation of your customer database to boost your marketing and sales efforts.

    • Standard Data AppendStandard Data Appends

      We’ve identified the most meaningful data elements that help yield successful connections. They include:

      • Corporate Telephone
      • Corporate Fax
      • Corporate Website
      • Primary NAICS/SIC Code
      • All NAICS Codes Served
      • Year Established
      • Geocodes
      • Executive Names
      • Executive Titles/Job Functions
      • Employee Range
      • Estimated Sales
      • Products & Services
      • Head Office Sole Location Indicator
    • Reverse Email Data AppendsReverse Email Data Appends

      • Fill in pertinent information missing in your compiled database of email addresses
      • Add fields like postal address, contact name, title, telephone, etc.
      • Learn more about your online registrants to fine tune your marketing and customer service efforts
    • Custom ResearchCustom Research

      • Leverage our expert research talent to handle your research and
        database management requirements
      • Build unique business lists by combining standard data with specific facts you need answered by the customers and add them to your list
      • Live phone interviews, electronic verification forms and various survey methods are offered to get the info you need from your audience
      • Customizable and scalable solutions available
  • Procure New Market SegmentsPROCURE NEW MARKET SEGMENTS

    Save on resources and initiate campaigns faster with Scott’s. We offer a vast array of contact data solutions to find your next batch of customers and opportunities for growth.

    • Contact List On-DemandContact Lists On-Demand

      • Top quality and highly accurate lists
      • 12 Million+ Executive Contacts available with email addresses
      • 200+ vertical markets covered, browse categories
      • Select by Industry, NAICS/SIC, Job Function, Company Size, Geography, and more
      • Mail, Fax, Telephone and Email lists available. Learn More…
    • Custom CRM-Ready LeadsCustom CRM-Ready Leads

      • Build targeted lists that can be used as often as you like
      • Quickly and easily micro-filter our vast relational business database to fuel your lead generation programs
      • Select by Executive Title, Job Function, Geography, Industry, Employee Range, etc.
      • Two (2) Options available to choose from, each provided to you in CSV format for easy import to your CRM or other database platforms. Learn More…
  • Provide Intelligence for Better Business PlanningPROVIDE INTELLIGENCE FOR BETTER BUSINESS PLANNING

    Capturing, segmenting and updating information is critical to the value of your contact database. It’s also what drives your integrated marketing plan’s journey towards success. By assessing your reservoir of information in this manner, you will be able to utilize its many benefits to build relationships, forge new sales opportunities, and increase revenue.

    Scott’s SmartLeads™ Report will help you do just that. It is your affordable and efficient gateway to understanding existing customers and effectively cloning your best customers. Here’s how it works:

    • STEP 1 - Match

      Provide us your current client database and we’ll match your list to our vast relational database of business contacts and build an intelligent data model. Learn More…

    • STEP 2 - Evaluate

      Receive analytics on customer ranking, match rates, and counts for data enhancement available to supplement your customer knowledge base.
      Learn More…

    • STEP 3 - Augment

      Improve your customer relationship management by appending select data back to your client database in order to fine-tune your marketing and customer service efforts. Learn More…

    • STEP 4 - Target

      Using the designed data model, we’ll identify new prospects that match your top customers common characteristics to provide you a report on prospects that are highly targeted and well suited for your business. Learn More…

    • STEP 5 - Import

      Receive a CRM compatible file containing the highly targeted leads of your choice for you to utilize and optimize your new customer acquisition strategy.

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