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Browse from over 12 million contacts conveniently segmented into vertical list categories. Detailed breakdowns of each list are available on our data cards.

Product CategoriesJob FunctionsNAICS Codes
List Name DescriptionCountsView Card
Administration ExecutivesThe Administration Executives List contains Administration Executives throughout the US and Canada. Reaching Administration Executives is often the q.. See More334,125Click Here
Annex - Professional ServicesThere will be some descriptions in the future!106,082Click Here
Business Development ExecutivesReach Business Development Executives in Canada and the US. This highly sought-after executive function is often responsible for key purchasing decis.. See More143,696Click Here
C-Level ExecutivesThis list contains C-Level Executives throughout Canada and the US. C-Level Executives are the final decision makers in any given organization.407,199Click Here
Communications ExecutivesThe Communications Executives List contains communications professionals in Canada and the US.167,196Click Here
ConsultantsAll consultants regardless of industry194,972Click Here
Director-Level ExecutivesThis highly sought-after list contains Director-Level Executives across all industries in Canada and the US.1,347,308Click Here
Education ExecutivesReach Education Executives throughout Canada and the US with this list.1,249,830Click Here
Engineering ExecutivesThe Engineering Executives List contains professional Engineers of all disciplines across every industry in Canada and the US.415,407Click Here
Environment ExecutivesThe Environment Executives contains a list of executive titles related to the environment -- an increasingly influential group of executives.56,736Click Here
Event Management ExecutivesThe Event Management Executives List contains Event Management Executives across Canada and the US.45,540Click Here
Executive Management ExecutivesThe Executive Management Executives List is your source for the most influential executives in business today across Canada and the US.1,457,072Click Here
Finance ExecutivesThe Finance Executives List contains professionals who serve a finance function in any industry in Canada and the US.776,478Click Here
Health & Safety ExecutivesThe Health & Safety Executives List contains Health & Safety Executives in North and South America.69,982Click Here
Human Resource ExecutivesThe Human Resource Executives List contains a highly coveted database of HR professionals in Canada and the US.367,429Click Here
Information Technology ExecutivesThe Information Technology Executives List is your source for IT professionals across all industries in Canada and the US.842,293Click Here
Legal Management ExecutivesThe Legal Management Executives List contains legal professionals in every law discipline across Canada and the US.175,208Click Here
Maintenance ExecutivesThe Maintenance Executives List contains maintence professionals across Canada and the US.154,976Click Here
Manager-Level ExecutivesThe Manager-Level Executives List contains all professionals at a manager position across all industries in Canada and the US.2,874,844Click Here
Marketing ProfessionalsThe Marketing Professionals List contains marketing professionals across Canada and the US.286,125Click Here
Operations ExecutivesThe Operations Executives List contains operations professionals across Canada and the US.417,239Click Here
President & OwnersThe President & Owners List contains presidents and owners of companies of all sizes, across all major industries, in Canada and the US.1,266,480Click Here
Project Management ExecutivesThe Project Management Executives List contains project managers in all industries across Canada and the US.57,969Click Here
Purchasing ExecutivesThe Purchasing Executives List contains a highly sought-after list of purchasers throughout Canada and the US.134,584Click Here
Quality Control ExecutivesThe Quality Control Executives List contains professionals working in a quality control capacity in all industries throughout Canada and the US.75,060Click Here
Research and Development ExecutivesThe Research and Development Executives List contains R&D professionals across Canada and the US.119,966Click Here
Sales ProfessionalsThe Sales Professionals List contains professionals in a sales function throughout Canada and the US, across all industries.758,277Click Here
Supply Chain ExecutivesExecutives dealing with forecasting / planning, purchasing / procurement; logistics; operations; inventory management; transportation; warehousing & D.. See More434,255Click Here
Transportation & Logistics ExecutivesThe Transportation & Logistics Executives List contains all professionals within a transportion or logistics function throughout Canada and the US.118,158Click Here
Vice-PresidentsThe Vice-Presidents List contains professionals at the level of Vice-President in all areas of business, across Canada and the US.695,246Click Here

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  • EMAIL SERVICE: $450 / 1,000 Records

Minimum order of 4,000 records apply. For multiple list orders, contact us for a special rate at 1-800-387-6598.

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  • GET TARGETED: We'll ensure that you only contact individuals most likely to appreciate and respond to your area of expertise.