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Video Lengths - Select the Length that’s Right for You

There are so many different rules of thumb when it comes to the length of online marketing videos; it is difficult to come up with a steadfast strategy. However, when it comes to on-demand video content, it is clear that shorter is better.

Most expert studies show viewer retention tends to drop off around the 90-second to 120-second mark. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your marketing videos need to be within the 2-minute mark; The most important thing is that each segment’s run-time is long enough to:

  • Get your message across sufficiently; and
  • Include an appropriate call-to-action

Finally, Affordable Video

To accommodate, Scott’s Video Service has pre-priced three (3) different video lengths to meet your needs.

  • 30 second video30-Second Video

    Perfect for raising awareness and creating a positive first impression.

  • 60 second video60-Second Video

    Perfect for generating interest among potential customers.

  • 90 second video90-Second Video

    Perfect for engaging potential customers who are researching and want to know more.

  • custom video lengthCustom Video Length

    Our Account Executives are here to talk to you about the advantages of adding video to your sale and marketing efforts, as well as advise you on the best solution for your needs and objectives. We’ll walk you through the production process from conception to the final cut, and discuss the best ways to help you market your new video.

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