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Video Styles - Tell Your Story & “WOW” Your Audience

Choosing the right style of video depends on your business goals, but we will help make your online videos as unique as your business itself.

Scott’s Directories has developed three (3) video styles designed to be effective in promoting your brand, and educating and engaging your audiences.

  • Advertising VideoVIDEO AD – Drive Home Your Message with Commercial Polish

    Video ads are designed specifically to solicit business from potential customers, and are most effective in getting the attention and direct viewers to take action. They are ideal for directory listings, social media and within company websites to raise awareness, generate interest and drive conversion.

    Using a professionally written script and recorded voice-over, video ads will reinforce your message to:

    • Showcase your company
    • Highlight your professional services
    • Feature the benefits of your products
    • Command a next step with a strong call-to-action
  • Profile VideoPROFILE VIDEO – Showcase a Business, Product or Service

    A profile is an interview-driven video that showcases who you are, what you sell, or what you do. It combines spontaneous engaging moments with unscripted authentic interviews and tells a story that’s guaranteed to grab attention and connect with your audience.

    Use profile videos to:

    • Bring business and corporate messages to life
    • Demonstrate how great your products are
    • Showcase destinations or experience-based businesses
    • Direct viewers to a next step with a strong call-to-action
  • Testimonial VideoTESTIMONIAL VIDEO – Get Your Customers Selling for You

    A testimonial is an interview-driven video that employs your best customers to recommend and endorse you. It combines spontaneous engaging moments with unscripted authentic interviews to tell a story that grabs attention and connects with your audience. They are the most powerful way to build trust and credibility, and are widely used throughout a business sales cycle to raise awareness, generate interest, instill confidence and convert visitors into customers.

    Use existing customers to create videos that:

    • Communicate real experiences to vouch for your credibility
    • Demonstrate how much customers love your product or service
    • Rave about how much fun they had at your destination
    • Solicit viewers with a strong call-to-action

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